Presentation Tune-Up – Mini Class



$70 for class/$150 with private one hour session

  • 6 video lessons
  • 4 additional homework prompts
  • supplemental material
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A well organized presentation is like money in the bank. Learn techniques to connect to your audience, convey your vision, and garner their support. The best speakers weren’t just born that way, and they didn’t “fake it ‘til they made it”, they TRAINED. They used the very techniques you get in this course.

This class begins with a brief introduction to the technique for vocal support. Then we dive into work implemented by actors, performers, and a-list speakers around the world. Utilizing the experience I’ve accrued in over 30 years working in tv/film and theatre, I will share secrets to building confidence and finding success in public presentations. This is the work coaches come to me to learn. And now I’m offering it straight to YOU.

In this course, you receive:

  • 6 pre-recorded lessons that you can listen to and repeat as many times as you like
  • 4 additional homework prompts to continue your practice and integrate it into your life
  • Supplemental videos and material
  • The option to add one hour private session with me at the reduced rate of $80 ($125 value).
  • 10% off other online courses

The course is appropriate for all levels of experience and all professions.

**By signing up now, you have access to the Pre-recorded videos for as long as I’m teaching the course.

Contact me directly for a student/low income discount.