Resonant Vocal Power: Fridays, Sept – Nov, 2018



Earliest Bird Price – $180 (6 classes – $30/class) By September 14 th

Earlier Bird Price – $210 (6 classes – $35/class) By September 21st

Regular Price – $240 (6 classes – $40/class) After September 21st


Date, Time, Location:

September 28th – November 2nd

Fridays from 11am – 12:20pm

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Resonant Vocal Power

September 28th – November 2nd, 2018

Fridays from 11 am – 12:20 pm

It is a courageous act, to speak your Truth. Your voice is a powerful vessel to share that light. Learning to use it, to trust it, to share it, is one of the most important and transformational journeys we will take.

Do you desire to know the full power of your voice? Do you yearn to express yourself more clearly? Do you often get misunderstood? Do you lose your voice? Get vocally tired? Want to reach your audience better, in intention and volume?

Do you feel that there is something blocking you from being able to speak your Truth? This class is for you.

Using two techniques of Fitzmaurice Voicework, Destructuring and Restructuring, we will go into an in-depth study of technique for healthy vocal support and exercises to open your body and release unnecessary tension. Classes offer physical awareness, how to balance vocal effort & ease, and release muscles that inhibit vocal power and breath. The result: freedom and power in your voice and a new way to live in your body.

Class is appropriate for all levels of experience and all professions.

Class size is kept very small. Register early to guarantee a spot.

Earliest Bird Price – $180 (6 classes – $30/class) By September 14st
Earlier Bird Price – $210 (6 classes – $35/class) By September 21st
Regular Price – $240 (6 classes – $40/class) After September 21st

Melissa Grogan is a Vocal Expert with 18 years teaching experience. She is an Associate Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework, has studied Knight-Thompson Speechwork, Presence with Patsy Rodenburg, and Body-Mind Centering at the Body-Mind Centering Institute and with Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen. She is currently pursuing a certificate as a Somatic Movement Educator, and has certifications as a yoga teacher and pranic healing practitioner. She has worked in film and TV, most notably as the Dialect Coach for the AMC series The Son, starring Pierce Brosnan. Clients have included yogis, Somatic Therapists, actors such as Kyle Chandler (Wolf of Wallstreet, Super 8), Dr. Victoria DeFrancesco (MSNBC), Craig Nigh (Breaking Bad), Yoga and Voice teachers, and people looking to express their True Self.


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