Soulful Speech – Omnish Part I



May 13 – June 24th, 2019
Mondays – 4:30-6pm
Held in Austin, 78704

Early Bird Rate – $210 (7 classes – $30/class) By May 6th

Regular Rate – $245 (7 classes – $35/class) After May 6th

Student/Low Income 20% off (see below for code)

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Soulful Speech – Omnish Part I

May 13th – June 24th, 2019

Mondays – 4:30-6pm

In Shakespeare’s time, the phrase “by my word” meant the same as “By my Soul”. To speak was an act of commitment. We’ve lost our ability to connect to the power of sound. And by that, I mean the intention that can be conveyed in sounds themselves. Language was designed this way – each sound means something. We still know this intuitively (sounds like “shhh” or “mmm” can communicate quite a bit) but we don’t use this power in every day speech. It can be regained, though. And that is what this class is all about.

If you are interested in discovering within you what magic lies in language, this is the class for you. Are you a teacher? This class will help you communicate your intention with ease and efficiency. Are you a performer? This class will help you get out of your head and thoroughly speak from instinct. Are you a student of Sanskrit? This class will help you understand each sound and explore for yourself what power unfolds when you speak it with precision. Are you an intuitive that speaks light language? This class will help you broaden your intuitive vocabulary so that your message can be even more precise, varied, clear.

We will be studying Omnish from Knight Thompson Speechwork. Omnish is a language that is improvisatory in nature and is rooted in intention and meaning yet is specific, precise, direct. It is a language comprised of all sounds in human language. Meaning – we will begin with Part One of how to make all sounds humans make in language on earth and then we will put those sounds into language. We will feel what arises when we speak in this new way and then we will begin to communicate using Omnish. Using games and partnered exercises, you will begin to listen and speak quite differently. All of you will be involved in the process. (Part Two will cover the remaining sounds we don’t cover in this course and more advanced exercises.)

Contact Melissa directly at if you are wondering if this class is a good fit for you.

Class size is kept very small. Register early to guarantee a spot.

Early Bird Fee – $210 (7 classes – $30/class) By May 6th

Regular Fee – $245 (7 classes – $35/class) After May 6th

Student/Low Income 20% off with code STUDENT20

Melissa Grogan is a Vocal Expert with 18 years teaching experience. She is an Associate Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework, has studied Knight-Thompson Speechwork, Presence with Patsy Rodenburg, and Body-Mind Centering at the Body-Mind Centering Institute and with Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen. She is currently pursuing a certificate as a Somatic Movement Educator, and has certifications as a yoga teacher and pranic healing practitioner. She has worked in film and TV, most notably as the Dialect Coach for the AMC series The Son, starring Pierce Brosnan. Clients have included yogis, Somatic Therapists, actors such as Kyle Chandler (Wolf of Wallstreet, Super 8), Dr. Victoria DeFrancesco (MSNBC), Craig Nigh (Breaking Bad), Yoga and Voice teachers, and people looking to express their True Self.


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