Vocal Metamorphosis

Tuesday Evenings, April 13th – May 18th

6:30 – 8pm pm CT / 7:30 – 9pm pm ET / 4:30 – 6pm PT

Held Online Via Mind Oasis

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Vocal Metamorphosis

Tuesday Evenings, April 13th – May 18th, 2021

6:30 – 8 CT / 7:30 – 9 pm ET / 4:30 – 6pm PT

Held Online Via Mind Oasis!


For those seeking transformation, voice work is a powerful tool. Through the ages, the practices of breath, mindfulness, presence, and creative use of sound have been used to deepen into self knowing and what we call “healing”. In this case, healing simply means to return to our natural state – that of balance, freedom, grounding, and ease. If that interests YOU, this class is for you.

As we work to shift long held beliefs, the remnants often remain in the physical body. They affect our breath, our voice, how we show up in relationships, for ourselves, at work, in school – everything. It gets in the way of our being able to show up fully in the Now.

For most of us, the mind is running old beliefs and old stories regularly. Maybe the old story is “I’m not good enough”, “I always get interrupted”, “I will never speak up again”, “No one listens to me”, “They are judging me”, “I’ll just mess it up”, or “No one cares”. Maybe it is some other message running through the mind. These old stories were created at another time in our life, in the distant past, and (believe it or not) they helped us get to the place we are now in life. But they have become an obstacle to true growth. It’s time to let them go – really let them go.

In order to truly be free of the effects of these thoughts we need to clear up the effects they’ve had on the body. Unconscious tensions have inevitably been created in the body in an effort to keep us “safe”. The problem is, they have also kept us stuck. Advanced voice work techniques (available to all levels of experience), mindfulness meditation, and awareness of breath and sound and their combined capacity to transform stuck patterns and let go of the effects still present in the way we hold ourselves.

This six class series combines the above techniques with the eventual aim to bring the mind and body back into harmony and balance. The class does not qualify as therapy but it is absolutely therapeutic in nature. We will begin to recognize, and release, long held patterns keeping us from being able to be truly present in our lives as we wish to create them now. We will begin to trust the wisdom accessible through the mental, physical, and emotional bodies once they are free of impediments to their balanced state.

During this class, we will focus on:

Awareness of Thoughts and Separating from Identifying with Them

(Awareness of, Freeing, Mechanics of, etc.) Breath

Acceptance / Yielding / Impermanence

Presence with Sound



Destructuring **

Mindfulness Meditation

and Creative Play!

**Destructuring is a set of exercises that combines bioenergetics, yoga-esque positions, breath, sound, energy work, somatic awareness, and mindfulness to release unconscious, constrictive, physical patterns in the body. Through repetition, it repatterns the neuromuscular system in a gentle way that allows one to let go of old habits permanently. This workshop will teach you the tools to use this method effectively, safely, and knowledgeably.

Each week the participants will receive prompts to deepen their learning, videos, and supplemental materials. We will also be working from parts of the book “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. It is not necessary to own the book for this class though it might prove to enhance your personal experience, should you wish.


Melissa Grogan is a Vocal Expert with 21 years teaching experience. She is an Associate Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework, Meditation Instructor (300 hrs), Yoga Instructor (200 hrs), has studied Knight-Thompson Speechwork, Presence with Patsy Rodenburg, and Body-Mind Centering at the Body-Mind Centering Institute and with Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen. She is currently pursuing a certificate as a Somatic Movement Educator, and has certifications as a Reiki Master Teacher and pranic healing practitioner.


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