This 2-day workshop will be a detailed introduction to sharpen your skills in articulation and also gain necessary tools for accent study. Based firmly in Knight-Thompson speech work, the course works to train your ear, deepening your awareness, and gain a working knowledge of your articulators.

This dialects workshop covers vocal tract awareness and manipulation – everything from the lips to the pharynx to the glottis! We’ll also learn an an improvisatory language (Omnish) as a useful tool for increased ability to articulate and also as an excellent warm-up for any speaker or singer. Omnish is also incredibly effective in helping a speaker connect meaning with sounds. We’ll also do a intro of how one might use the information we’ve learned to be able to more specifically work to acquire an accent or refine their knowledge of one they already know. Omnish is a unique and powerful tool that I use to help me connect more fearlessly to meaning. My message becomes much more clear. I commit fully to communicating what I mean.

This workshop offers many tools for anyone wishing to understand theirs (or others) speech, become more proficient at accents, and invest fully into the meaning behind their words.


$120 for both days – Discounts available for Early Bird Registration


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