Seeing Results

Vocal Empowerment and Accent Acquisition

I can help you by designing a course built just for you. It can include a combination of private sessions, public classes, and workshops. Here are a couple of examples:

For significant transformation in effective communication –

Commit to regular instruction for 2-3 years.
Each year of your immersion you would take:

8 – 10 private sessions
15 – 20 public weekly classes
3 – 4 intensive workshops

If you’ve already invested in an intensive study into vocal work and are looking to keep your skills sharp:

Quick drop-in program –

Take 4 private sessions
Attend 6 consecutive weekly classes
Take 2 intensive workshops as close together as possible

Private sessions, Classes, and Workshops are wonderful ways to receive expert attention and instruction to help you meet your needs. Of course, the most important part of it all is daily application of the techniques. It’s never too early, or too late, to start applying voice work into your life.

Choose a program or have me design one for you. Contact me to get started!

Sound Therapy, Reiki, and Somatic Integration

For clients seeking restorative therapeutic service – To clear energetic blocks, ease physical discomfort, increase healing post-surgery, assuage side-effects of chemotherapy treatment, relief from postpartum depression, stop obsessive thoughts, get better sleep, and more:

Sound Therapy, Reiki, and Pranic Healing sessions

For those seeking a deepened relationship with their meditation and mindfulness practice – use creative visualization to become more aware of your body, learn to deepen your meditation practice and let go of false identity, give less and less (or no) power to obsessive thinking, increase focus and efficiency, useful ways to navigate stressful times and situations, and more:

Guided Meditation session that may include grounding and somatic integration work

Depending on your goals, we can have a single session, meet once every two weeks, once a month, or quarterly. After each session we will briefly discuss what timeline feels right for your situation.

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Combination Voice and Sound Therapy Session

For clients seeking a supplement to their ongoing therapy treatment:

Back to back sound therapy and voice work sessions – Backed by research, mindfulness, sound, breath, and somatic movement bring the body’s nervous system back into a state of balance. For any client experiencing symptoms of PTSD, trauma from abuse, neglect, OCD, or anxiety, this work (when used in conjunction with a clinical therapy program) can help your healing be thoroughly embodied.

Most clients will find greatest results from committing to regular sessions for 3 month to 2 years. Sessions can be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, etc.

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