Is This For Me?

Truly, everyone will benefit from this work. And it will enhance areas of your life you never imagined. Here are some examples of what I mean:

People Seeking Personal Transformation
People going through transition, seeking authenticity, wanting deeper connection. People with a history of abuse, abandonment, who suffer from PTSD, find it difficult to share their sound, move forward in life, or just want to do something wonderful for themselves.

  • Presence and resourcing – helps with PTSD and disassociation
  • Allow your body, breath, and sound for healing and to create awareness
  • How to breathe through difficult feelings and a sense of safety and comfort
  • Create healthy boundaries.
  • Speak your truth.
  • Release pent up energy held in tissue and put that energy right into your sound.
  • Find a global breath. Incredibly healing for the psychophysical body.
  • Embody the nervous system, fascia, muscles, fluids, etc.
  • Put all of you into your sound, into your message – with ease.


  • Connect to your students authentically
  • Let your voice convey your message and intention more clearly
  • Encourage group participation – collaborative class environment
  • Healthy vocal support to maintain your voice
  • Gain greater flexibility with class structure
  • How to let your voice fill a room effortlessly – even in extreme situations.
  • Learn vocal techniques you can teach to your students
  • How to lead a class even when you are having a difficult day
  • Non-verbal communication. Touch, listening, presence

Business People

  • Clear communication of ideas
  • Bring out the best in your team
  • Strategies for dealing with difficult situations
  • Become a better team member – whether through assertiveness or collaboration
  • Build listening skills
  • Better sense of being heard and understood
  • Effective, positive communication skills to work as a team
  • Vocal power – confidently speaking your truth
  • Presence
  • Fully show up to each interaction
  • Show greater flexibility
  • Increase creative problem solving skills

Performing Artists

  • Healthy, resonant sound that carries and fills a room effortlessly
  • Create new, authentic characters
  • Increase versatility
  • Connect your voice to your body and get out of your head
  • Increased ability for accent acquisition
  • Understand notes given to you
  • Be able to deliver results fast and consistently
  • Open up your instrument
  • Increase emotional, mental, energetic range.
  • How to deal with vocal extremes (screaming, shouting, crying, laughing)
  • How to do physically strenuous activity AND have a healthy vocal technique

This list is not exhaustive. There are many benefits and they are available to EVERYONE! Contact me today to talk more about your goals and get started on a personalized program.