Embodied Voice – Summer Workshop Series


August 24th and August 31st
Saturdays, 10am – 1pm

Austin, 78704 (near SOCO)

       $70 for individual workshop
**Each remaining workshop is $70 – The $300 full series (5 workshops) is no longer available for this series.

Student/Low Income 20% off (see below for code)


An August full of voice workshops:

Breath, Breath Support, The Core Muscles and Voice, The Chakras and Voice, and Voice and Movement. Take one workshop, take two, or sign up for all five – the choice is yours!

Read more about each of the five classes below.

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Embodied Voice – Summer Workshop Series


August 24th and August 31st
Saturdays, 10am – 1pm
Austin, 78704 (near SOCO)

Embodied Voice – Summer Workshop Series


August 24th and August 31st
Saturdays, 10am – 1pm
Austin, 78704 (near SOCO)

Do you desire a better connection to your voice? Did you know that it’s possible to feel comfortable and empowered by it? It is! An embodied voice is everyone’s birthright. We aren’t often told how to achieve that but it is absolutely possible. And that is what this class series is dedicated to – giving you solid and simple techniques that will have you feeling more deeply connected to your voice. Whether you are looking for personal growth, better interpersonal communication, want to start speaking in front of groups, or are looking for a professional promotion – your Voice is one of the most primary tools at your disposal!

This 5 week intensive workshop series will be just what you need to get started with depth, clarity, and achievable goals! Each Saturday in August we will focus on a different topic. Take one Saturday workshop, take two, or sign up for all five – the choice is yours! The classes run from 10am-1pm on Saturday mornings and are held in private studios in South Austin (78704).


  • August 3rd – 
      • Breath – Any study of Voice is a study of Breath. In this 3 hour workshop we will explore breath as it pertains to voice (managed free breath) vs. meditation and yoga (controlled breath). We will learn exercises to increase vocal resonance, breath capacity, and (ultimately) vocal range.
  • August 10 –
      • Breath Support – In this class we will go into detail about the specific techniques for proper vocal support and to help you be more spontaneous and clear in conversation. You will learn not only to have a sound that effortlessly fills a room but is also healthy, responsive, and free! Losing your voice can be very frustrating. The techniques learned in this class will help you develop a new habit to make sure that you have the full range of your voice (pitch, volume, tone, etc.), be less likely to lose your voice, and also to be able to speak in challenging spaces. All of that AND learn how to allow a message that is clear and spontaneous. Both you and your listener will feel heard!
  • August 17 –
      • The Core Muscles and The Voice – Proper alignment of the body is essential for healthy vocal support. Once we learn how to use our body the way it was meant to be used we begin to have more vocal power and range than we imagined we could! This class will cover the muscles and ligaments deep within the body that are designed to do the work of holding us up. Once we get those on board the outer muscles can be free to allow resonance and breath more freely.
  • August 24 –
      • The Chakras and Voice – The neuroendocrine system creates energetic centers in the body (Chakras). They are potential sources of energy from which to speak. Each chakra center has a different function, or governing. The phrases “speak from your heart”, “speak from your gut”, and “stand your ground” are quite literal. This class will teach you how to energize each center and begin exploring what happens when you speak from that space.
  • August 31st –
      • Voice and Movement – To have a truly embodied voice, we need to be able to move freely and to connect our body language to match our intention in communication. This class is designed to help you free up your body when speaking so that you feel (and appear) more comfortable, more connected to your message and your audience. Want to look like speaking in front of a group is effortless? This is the class for you! Keep in mind that this class is highly movement oriented. It will require a moderate level of physical fitness to experience success. 

Each class uses an approach that combines somatic awareness, technical discipline, and playful curiosity.

Class size is kept very small. Register early to guarantee a spot.

Investment –

       $70 for any individual workshop
***Each Workshop is only $70. Purchasing the entire series (5 for $300) is no longer an option.

Student/Low Income 20% off (use code STUDENT20 at checkout)

Melissa Grogan is a Vocal Expert with 19 years teaching experience. She is an Associate Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework, has studied Knight-Thompson Speechwork, Presence with Patsy Rodenburg, and Body-Mind Centering at the Body-Mind Centering Institute and with Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen. She is currently pursuing a certificate as a Somatic Movement Educator, and has certifications as a yoga and meditation teacher, and is a Reiki and Pranic Healing practitioner. She has worked in film and TV, most notably as the Dialect Coach for the AMC series The Son, starring Pierce Brosnan. Clients have included yogis, Somatic Therapists, actors such as Kyle Chandler (Wolf of Wallstreet, Super 8), Dr. Victoria DeFrancesco (MSNBC), Craig Nigh (Breaking Bad), Yoga and Voice teachers, and people looking to express their True Self.


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