Resonant Voice: Level One – Online Course


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Each Course Includes 3 Private One-on-One 90 minute sessions with me, prerecorded videos that are yours to keep for as long as I am teaching the course, supplemental homework, and more.

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The Resonant Voice – Level One
Online Course

Do you desire to know the full power of your voice? Yearn to express yourself more clearly? Oftentimes we will feel that there is something blocking us from being able to speak our Truth. We may feel ungrounded, nervous, or hesitant to speak. Or maybe you just have a feeling that you could be even more successful than you already are if you continue to take regular voice classes.
Whether you are seeking to enhance your confidence in speaking, need to learn to support your voice so that you don’t lose it, want to fill a space effortlessly with both sound and presence, desire regular practice led by an expert guide, or would like to get better at speaking on camera, this course is for you.

In this 3 1/2 month course, you receive:

  • 32 pre-recorded lessons that you can listen to and repeat as many times as you like
  • 3 Private One-on-One sessions with me (90 minutes in length) via Zoom
    (**each session is recorded with access granted for 2 weeks)
  • Access to the Facebook Secret Group for continued support from your classmates and myself
  • 50% off all Friday Morning Drop-In Classes (if in Austin, Texas) held at Soma Vida **ON HOLD AT THIS TIME
  • Handouts, pro-tips, weekly homework assignments, supplemental videos, and more!

Using two techniques of Fitzmaurice Voicework, Destructuring and Restructuring, somatic movement exercises, basic text analysis, and presence as taught by Patsy Rodenburg, we will go into an in-depth study of the voice.

The class covers technique for healthy vocal support, exercises to open your body and release unnecessary tension, understanding of the vocal instrument, increased physical awareness, how to balance vocal effort & ease, release muscles that inhibit vocal power and breath, and having a clear, concise message that is compelling to the listener. The result: freedom and power in your voice, a new way to live in your body, and greater success when speaking in large or small groups.

It is a courageous act, to speak your Truth. Your voice is a powerful vessel to share the light within. Learning to use, trust, embody, and to share it is one of the most important and transformational journeys we will ever take.

The course is appropriate for all levels of experience and all professions.

**By signing up now, you have access to the Pre-recorded videos for as long as I’m teaching the course. And, once you complete the full course, you are welcome to jump back into the live classes for a discounted rate!

Investment –

Rate – $580